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Weekend CurbedWire: Ritz-Carlton Sign Up, Giant Scissors for Solair

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DOWNTOWN: Sending in the above photo, a reader writes: "[Yesterday] at LA Live they put up The Ritz-Carlton sign on top of the tower. They still need to put the logo on, but it's almost done. The JW Marriott sign below has progressed as well, it now lights up at night." But are you believing the downtown building, which'll open next year, is over 65 percent sold out? [Curbed InBox]

KOREATOWN: Even more photos arrived last night: Shots of yesterday's ribbon-cutting at new condo development Solair. Since this was a fancy ribbon-cutting that involved the Mayor, giant metal scissors, rather than scrappy fake gold ones, were brought. Also, everyone wore fancy white gloves. [Curbed InBox]

We can only ID the mayor in this shot.


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