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Abandoned & Ugly Report #3: What the Heck Happened, Glassell Park?

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We're spending the day looking at the status of some abandoned real estate projects around the city. Following visits to Eagle Rock and Echo Park, let's end the day in Glassell Park.

Some more information about 3620-3628 Parrish Avenue, a townhome project in Glassell Park, is desperately needed. According to developer Godwin Iwunze, work stopped in January on the buildings. It looks like the homes were perhaps foreclosed upon, and there was some sort of sale in April (at least one of the homes sold for $50,000*. UPDATE: Commenters are pointing out it's likely the plot sold for $50,000.Or so says Trulia; the site also has interior shots. But Iwunze told us the bank (it's not clear what bank) is currently trying to foreclose on the property. It sounds like there is more than one lender involved. Anyway, Iwunze says he will finish the project "when he finishes it." He is also in a litigious mood and plans to sue everyone: "I am suing the environmental people [the homeowners who fought and ultimately delayed the project], suing the city, and suing the lender," he told us. Happy weekend, Glassell Park!
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