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CurbedWire: Miracle Mile Art, 6th Street Closures, Big Downtown Dump?

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[ Via LACMA's Unframed]
MID-WILSHIRE: Finally, the mastodon at the La Brea Tar Pits will be able to enjoy some art just like everyone else. Via the LACMA blog: "As part of this weekend’s ArtWalk 2009 in the Miracle Mile, Goldenvoice (of Coachella Art & Music Festival fame) is transforming the La Brea Tarpits into a temporary “art wonderland.” Pictured is some sort of interpretation of the Ice Age. [LACMA's Unframed]

6th STREET: Reader Miss Teresa emails in to let us know about street closures: "6th Street between Fairfax and Crescent Heights will be closed to through traffic next week during the day. The City is installing a landscaped median near the 99 Cent Store as part of the Grove Traffic Mitigation Plan. I know this is a big commute street for Cedars Sinai employees; people will be redirected to Wilshire or Third." Thank you, MT. [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: A question from a downtown resident: "Last week there was a noticeable number of crazy homeless people wandering around downtown. Was there a mass release from a shelter? I observed a person on the corner of Temple and Broadway take down his pants, take off his shirt and throw it on a passing criminal court attorney's head... and then start fighting another homeless person right on the corner and then in the middle of Broadway. (the lawyer started to engage the homeless guy, but apparently though better and continue his walk) I guess, I'm just rumbling about my observations of life in downtown." [Curbed InBox]