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Abandoned & Ugly Report #1: What's Up, Eagle Rock?

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We're spending the day looking at the status of some abandoned real estate projects around the city. First up: Eagle Rock!

Located at Colorado Blvd between Holbrook and Linda Rosa Streets, this site was supposed to hold DHM Lofts, a now-abandoned 17-unit "live-work" loft project in Eagle Rock. Work stopped last year on the project, but the developer left behind the pillars, not a particularly attractive present for the neighborhood. As the Times wrote in an October 2008 story, DHM represented an "emblem of excess and bad planning" for the neighborhood." So what's up now? Rick Coca, deputy of communications for City Councilman Jose Huizar's office, tells us the property was purchased by a pair of San Mateo-based business partners, Willaim Feldbrill and Alexander Eisner. "They purchased the property a couple of months ago at a foreclosure sale from a limited liability company," writes Coca in an email. "They recently sent out a letter of intent and are in communication with a couple of interested buyers. No time-line yet. But still, much better news than the limbo the property was in before." According to Coca, community members also held meetings earlier this month to talk about possibly using the property as a community garden, but now that the property has been sold, it's not clear if that idea is still viable. UPDATE: Alexander Eisner tells us his firm is asking about $3.5 million for the land.

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