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Gypsy Curse Brings Down Global Economy

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Is this going to launch a whole new genre of films about hero mortgage officers?

According to the Wall Street Journal, the plot of "Drag Me to Hell," director Sam Raimi's ("Spiderman) new horror film (opens today), revolves around Christine, a "young loan officer bucking for a promotion to assistant branch manager." And then? "When an elderly, impoverished and majestically repulsive customer named Mrs. Ganush comes in to beg for yet another extension on her home loan, Christine hesitates only briefly before turning her down. Given what we now know about the perils of permissive lending practices, that decision should have sealed the deal for managerial status. Instead, Mrs. Ganush retaliates with an ancient gypsy curse, and Christine spends the rest of the movie trying to avoid eternal damnation." [WSJ]