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Rumermongering: Fox's Plans at Horizon at Playa Vista

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Earlier this month, there was chatter that Fox Interactive Media may not be heading to that new office space in Playa Vista. Now a reader sends in the following photo, writing: "Sorry for the crappy cell phone quality photo but I noticed that the Fox Interactive Media logo on the Horizon at Playa Vista billboard has been replaced by the leasing company logo (lower right hand corner). What does this mean? Probably means there is a good deal for build to suit office space in Playa Vista now since the building exterior are almost complete." As far as the Fox deal, here's some of the rumermongering that we've heard: While Fox has a lease for 400,000 square feet at the new office campus at Bluff Creek Drive and Campus Center Drive,, they have put 150,000 square feet up for sublease, while there are also rumors that they'll try and a find sublease for the whole deal. Exciting.
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