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Architect Eric Owen Moss Attacks Grid With A Spatula

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There's actually no spatula, but perhaps that would have been an interesting scenario as well. From the description for architect Eric Owen Moss's "If Not Now, When?" installation at architecture school Sci-Arc, which offered a private showing of the work last night: "IF NOT NOW, WHEN? questions the continued reliance on the grid as an organizing idea, beginning with the concrete grid that supports the gallery space, and, including, by implication, the grid pro forma that so often informs the contemporary city planning and architecture discourse. A curvilinear spatial nemesis is offered as a surrogate." There's the man himself in the corner. The instillation is currently on view at the downtown school, and while it may not be our favorite Eric Owen Moss piece, we're looking forward to the completion of that big crazy tower over in Culver City.
· Eric Owen Moss Architects: If Not Now [Sci-Arc/Official Site]