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Pasadena Battles Malt Liquor, Drunknesss

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In another instance of a neighborhood trying to crack down on liquor stores, the Pasadena Weekly reports on all complaints centered around Milt's, a liquor store on Orange Grove Blvd in Pasadena. In addition to fighting, patrons of Milt's are spilling into the neighborhood, and what is one couple's good time is another couple's nightmare: "Residents Terri and Jim MacQuarrie provided the City Council with photos of people drinking in public — one depicting a prostitute having sex in the couple’s backyard as her customer drank a can of malt liquor." As a result of all the complaints, Pasadena started a "Nuisance Liquor Store Task Force," while Milt’s now operates under a conditional use permit (CUP), meaning the city has put conditions on how the store an operate, ie, what it can sell. All of these efforts seem to be working to calm things down at Milt's. [Pasadena Weekly]