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Hancock Park Estate Sale Plumbs Old Hollywood Tchotkes

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Via blogger Alissa Walker's twitter feed, comes news of this estate sale in Hancock Park. The home belonged to the Nassour family, and "was loved and lived in by the same prominent family for SIXTY years. The family’s history goes back to the original owner and founder of KTTV Channel 11." And quite frankly, the goods are kind of fabulous. The site for the sale boasts "The entire home is filled with interesting Treasures from a bygone era. Some of the pieces are high end and magnificent, some are rare and some are just fun. Each room has hundreds of items that will take you back in time and evoke memories." Some are also horrifyingly tacky and/or racist. The sale starts today and continues on Saturday and Sunday. We call dibs on the bar cart.
· Treasure Estate Sales [Official Site]