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Is Gehry Out At Atlantic Yards?

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2009-05-yardsBuried in this article on Times Square's new car-free streets is a tidbit on the future of Forest City Ratner Companies' controversial Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn: "The luxuriant plans that Gehry Partners concocted for developer Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards project are failing to keep the project financially credible - and the latest rumor is that a no-fuss plan from Ellerbe Becket for the project’s focal basketball arena may bump Gehry’s bundle of crumples." While the developer's spokespeople keep insisting Gehry is still the master architect for Atlantic Yards, Gehry himself has been saying the project is dead. Ratner plans to re-evaluate Gehry's design in July, but the smart money is on a plan that would be cheaper to execute. [Photo of Gehry's model for Atlantic Yards by Egan-Chin/News] [Urban Omnibus]