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Dan the Miner Update: It's Nothing Personal

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A follow-up to that Dan the Miner tagging post (the statue got hit with the word "Jew"): According to a May 12th Jewish Journal story, a tagger is going nuts writing the word "Jew" all over the Fairfax and Hollywood neighborhoods. It sounds like everyone is confused--the police don't even know if it's the work of an anti-Semitic person or a proud Jewish person. It could even be a bored, unemployed teenager! Via the Jewish Journal: "The word “Jew” or “Jewish,” sometimes accompanied by the letters “TMA,” have been spray-painted on lampposts, freeway overpasses, walls and dumpsters, sometimes alone and sometimes alongside other tagging. No anti-Semitic messages or symbols accompany the word. The six or seven locations of the graffiti also seem unconnected to anything Jewish, according to Ariella Loewenstein, associate regional director of Anti-Defamation League’s Pacific Southwest office." Meanwhile, a quick look at Flickr reveals that there are a few taggers who identify themselves as Jew. Who knows what's going on? Conspiracy theories? And now, the obligatory Woody Allen reference.
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