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Things That Are Still Being Built: Lafayette Park Recreation Center

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In these lean construction times, one can always find something going on around Wilshire Boulevard. And in addition to the recently completed skate park at Lafayette Park, and work on the forthcoming new soccer park at MacArthur Park, the stretch of Wilshire Boulevard in the Westlake area is seeing some nice improvements, and here's another: Kanner Architects is behind the under-construction Lafayette Park Recreation Center at 625 South Lafayette Park Place, a 15,000 square foot building off Wilshire Blvd that's a partial re-build of the existing center and an addition (Kanner's web describes the structure as a "ribbon-like Modern structure." A new gymnasium and classrooms, as well as landscaping are coming, all meant to serve after-school kids and seniors, among others (though given the budget cuts to Parks & Recs, let's hope locals will still be adequately served). The building, which is expected to be finished by the fall, was voted in by Prop K funds (a 1996 City Park Bond Initiative that funds open-space development).
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