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AIA Restaurant Design Finalists Announced

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The AIA | Los Angeles has announced its finalists for its Restaurant Design Awards, with the winners to be announced June 26th. The AIA is also mixing things up a little this year, allowing non-LA based restaurants into the competition and also encouraging the public to vote for the "People’s Choice Award." It's just like American Idol, but with alcohol! (Not including whatever tipple Paula Abdul has in her Coke cup). The jury consists of LA Weekly's Jonathan Gold, Cedd Moses, Michael Palladino of Richard Meier & Partners Architects, and graphic designer Louise Sandhaus. There are sixteen finalists, with downtown LA well-represented, including Bottega Louie, Chaya Downtown, Drago Centro, Rivera and the Conga Room. Also well-represented: Texas with two finalists and SF with another two. View the full list of finalists and vote here. [Photo of AK Venice by Alen Lin][AIA|LA]