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Just in Time for Summer: Bunker Hill Towers Retrofits Pool

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[Photo by Lisa Napoli]

Downtown dweller and Marketplace reporter Lisa Napoli posted this picture of her building's pool - currently undergoing some retrofitting. The closure of her pool, at the Bunker Hill Apartments and Tower, has inspired her first story for Marketplace (airing tomorrow) after returning from her sojourn in the Kingdom of Bhutan to write a book. She tells us: "Our pool here on Bunker Hill has been shut down since December 19th, as have many others across the country. It's because of a new federal law called the Virginia Graeme Baker Act. The Act requires new drains to be installed in pools that are configured in a certain way, to keep kids from being trapped in them.

Because of permitting issues, it has taken close to FIVE months for the work on our pool to commence. Which it did this Monday. So basically, those of us who swim every day and rely on the pool to be in touch with our community, as well as for exercise, have been high and dry, staring at an empty pool, while we waited for the permit to come through so the work could begin.

More about the law tomorrow night on Marketplace.... At least they are re-opening our pool. Many, many pools can't come up with the money for these enormous retrofits, and thus are shutting down for good..."
· Marketplace from American Public Media [Official Site]