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PriceSpotter: Your Malibu Beach Rental Awaits

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PriceSpotter in Curbed LA's guessing game. This weekend, PriceSpotter is headed to the beach to work on her tan line. Guess the asking seasonal rent of this Malibu beach house.

WHAT: Seasonal rental. Three-bedroom, four-bath (3,500 square feet). PriceSpotter is asking summer rent monthly price.

WHERE: On Pacific Coast Highway (21300 block)

DESCRIPTION: "A Jewel on La Costa of Malibu's most unique leases. Serene, sophisticated architecture with stone floors, theatrical mood lighting, custom plastered/rubbed walls, 11 foot ceilings, skylights, 3 fireplaces, huge decks, steam showers. Exquisitely furnished, this home has 3 bedrooms/4 baths including 2 master suites, each with spa tub & spacious sitting area (1 w/private entry), A/C & 3-car garage."
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