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CurbedWire: Metro Plaza Project Hearing, Jacarandas Saying Hello

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MID WILSHIRE: Next Wednesday, developer BRE's 7-story, 562-unit apartment project proposed for the southeast corner of Wilshire and La Brea will get a public hearing at the Planning Department. Good times. Some preservationists have been worried about the fact that the project will take out the Columbia Savings Bank/old Korean church. The project will also go up on the long-vacant Metro Plaza development (pictured above), which has seen better days. You can download the file for the hearing here. And here's what it'll look like. [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: From the InBox: "Alright, everyone is going around saying 'There is a Jacaranda' or 'I didn't know there was a Jacaranda there' or 'Look at those Jacaranda.' I remember a few years back going down some street, somewhere, where the jacs had completely bridged the street and the resident cars needed jac tires to get to work. Is there some way we can have a Jacaranda contest, like the most infested street in L.A.?" [Curbed InBox]