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Long Beach Weighs Bike Options

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With Long Beach updating its 2001 Bicycle Master Plan, the Long Beach Post's Brian Ulaszewski checks out two recent community meetings on the plan, reporting on the traffic-calming boulevards/medians and bike paths proposed by the city. While many of the residents sound happy about the proposals, one sticking point: The suggestion of a bike lane between Broadway between Nieto and Park was shot down by residents, reports Ulaszewski, who wishes locals had been given an option of voting for both planted medians AND bike lanes on the street. "The City Traffic Engineer failed to inform residents of this option because of an insistence on preserving the median for left-turn lanes, despite the fact that such left-turn lanes currently exist at only three out of eighteen intersections east of Redondo Avenue and none exist east of Nieto Avenue." Overall, "it seems that there are two sets of conflicting priorities within city government: creating effective bike routes versus ensuring the unfettered movement of automobiles," reports the Post. [LB Post]