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Swarm? SB Lofts and SB Main Take Over Craigslist

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Two emails have hit the Curbed Inbox in the last 12 hours, complaining about the number of SB Main and SB Lofts (two downtown rental buildings) Craigslist ads. "Writes on reader: "OMG! i've been looking for a loft downtown and noticed that EVERY other AD if not almost ALL the ads are for the SB Lofts on Main and Spring! It's So Annoying!!!! I have been 'flagging' the ad's for SPAM!!! and OVERPOSTING!!..I know its a free ad but come on!!" Spam or did someone make a mistake? Check out Craigslists entries for SB--downtowners will have to confirm there are never have been so many listings for SB properties. [Craigslist]