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Bikeway & Pretty Renderings: Expo Line Progress

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In advance of the Expo Line's 2010 opening, efforts are coming together to make the most out of the rail line by implementing bike paths, landscaping, pedestrian access, and public art along the Downtown to Culver City route. Cyclists were happy with news from Streetsblog that a Expo-adjacent bikeway is moving forward, most likely all the way from Downtown to Santa Monica, the terminus of an Expo extension. There's still grumbling over the layout of the path, which will soon be under a short environmental review, but the whole thing looks much more certain than in previous months. To help the Expo Line better the neighborhoods it traverses, the Expo Authority, which is building the line, created the Urban Design Committee three years ago. According to an Expo newsletter, the UDC is made up of local leaders in urban planning and government who provide input on design features to the Expo Board. The newsletter doesn't get specific on that input, but it says the Expo Board has implemented all their suggestions. There's also this attached photo of the La Cienega station, which UDC most likely weighed in on. And in the background of the pic, could that be the proposed Eric Owen Moss' half-naked-mummy tower?
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