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Battle Over for Sunset Boulevard Widening Project*

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Curbed has gotten its mitts on a letter from Rita Robinson, General Manager of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, a letter that directly asks Metro's CEO Arthur Leahy to stop pushing forward on a proposed widening of Sunset Boulevard in Brentwood. Dated May 18th, the leader reads:"...The communities in the Brentwood area have expressed concerns about the potential impacts of this project and have requested that the application undergo further study. Therefore, at the request of the Eleventh Council District, I am formally requesting that Metro officially withdraw the Sunset Boulevard Widening -- Barrington Avenue to Gunston Drive application from consideration as part of the 2009 Call for Projects." Westside homeowners have almost roundly come out against the widening, which they say would only exacerbate traffic and lower housing prices. The Brentwood Homeowners Association has been the only proponent and there's been murmurs that some members of BHA are financially vested in the project. The LADOT operates the DASH buses and deal with traffic signal timing and transportation planning. Metro, on the other hand, handles the county buses and rail lines, and deals with freeway and road improvements. Metro would fund the widening, which would add an eastbound lane to Sunset, at a cost of $6.1 million. Note the Bill Rosendahl cc on the bottom. Download the letter here. UPDATE: *The Los Angeles Times is reporting tonight that the project has been shelved.
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