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On the Racked: Nutty Norwegians, Forever 21 Suit, Meet the Tube Spant!

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And the latest news from our storefront and street-obsessed sister Racked LA....

ROBERTSON: Is there anything more cheery than a bunch of Norwegians descending on the city? New clothing label Moods of Norway (think electric blue plaid men's short, psychedelic print maxidresses) recently opened, and our sister reports from the party: "A slew of impossibly gorgeous Norwegian transplants juggled mini-flags with their beer and waffles, girls dressed in the country's traditional costume milled around a massive gilded tractor, while plaid-suited gents and maxidress-clad ladies started an impromptu paper plane-throwing competition—we were told it's a national pasttime."

LOS ANGELES: Involved in a lawsuit over the Trovata brand, Sook Chang, one of Forever 21's co-founders, is coming across as increasingly ignorant--she doesn't know where her own companies are made. Writes WWD, "Chang said she had little knowledge of the company's finances and she was not even aware of the Trovata brand until after the lawsuit was filed."

LOS ANGELES: Just in case you are at a cocktail party and someone asks: What's a tube spant'?" It's the latest fashion. It's described a "double layer perforated wool jersey gauze asymmetrical culotte with one extra oversized and draped pant and one smaller [with an] internally attached legging with a drawstring closure." That sounds more complicated than surgery! Please go look at the photo. Speaking of: A very long and formal man skirt. This skirted man looks fairly miserable.
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