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Just in Time for the Holiday Weekend: 10 Nastiest Beaches

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Just as they did last year, Heal the Bay has released its annual beach report card right before the long holiday weekend. Studying bacterial pollution (including fecal matter) at 502 beaches across the state, the group found that once again, "Los Angeles County had the worst overall beach water quality in the state, including six of the 10 lowest-rated beaches in the survey." Keep in mind that Los Angeles County continually scores low because we collect samples from flowing storm drains, which Heal the Bay says is actually the most accurate way to measure pollution levels. Comparing the list to last's year top 10 worst, it looks like Santa Monica Municipal Pier Beach is getting slightly better, while Long Beach cleaned itself up (investing in $300,000 to look at sources of bacterial contamination and fix broken sewage pump lines, according to the press release). On the downside, Malibu made the top 10 list this year.

1. Avalon Harbor Beach on Catalina Island (Los Angeles County)

2. Cabrillo Beach harborside (Los Angeles County)

3. Pismo Beach Pier (San Luis Obispo County)

4. Colorado Lagoon (Los Angeles County)

5. Santa Monica Municipal Pier (Los Angeles County)

6. City of Long Beach at LA River outlet (Los Angeles County)

7. Poche Beach (Orange County)

8. Surfrider Beach at Malibu Creek (Los Angeles County)

9. Campbell Cove State Park Beach (Sonoma County)

10. Doheny Beach at San Juan Creek (Orange County)
· Heal the Bay [Official Site]