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Orange Line Mowing Down Billboards?

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In a retread of an earlier Daily News piece that reported a total of 86 businesses will be forced to relocate for the coming extension of the Orange Line busway in the West Valley, the Los Angeles Times managed to uncover an interesting tidbit: 25 of those businesses are local billboard companies. The businesses operate on or near a Metro-owned former train right-of-way that will be paved over to extend the Orange Line four miles north to connect with a Metrolink train station in Chatsworth. Apparently, the local billboard companies—which serves as the conduit between advertisers and bus benches/billboards—have known for awhile that they had to go, and some should get moving assistance from Metro. It's not clear if the Orange Line construction (the extension will open in 2013) will put a temporary dent in the city's booming billboard and supergraphics business; one company told us they've already packed up and moved.
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