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Rent Check: "Enchanted" Carriage House in Echo Park

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This ad may have been written by a Harlequin romance novelist. We're not sure. Judge for yourself: "On the highest part of Angelino Heights, tucked in the back of one of the famous Carroll Avenue Victorians, is this exquisite Carriage House that has so much character and is quite enchanted - you might mistake yourself for having just stepped into a fairy tale! The leopard print steps that take you up into the unit will make you purr with delight. In the main room, light floods in through gigantic windows trimmed with stained glass - open up the windows and you are in paradise. The breeze that comes in is delicious!" You know what WON'T make you purr with delight? The price. This one-bedroom plus den, with a backyard, vaulted ceilings, wood wainscoting and central a/c and heat is $2,000 per month.
· $2000 / 1br - Fairy Tale Victorian Carriage House on Carroll Avenue (Angelino Heights/Echo Park) [Craigslist]