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Curbed Poll: Beachfront House in San Pedro

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Taking a page from our sister site Racked LA, we're asking you to look at this home and vote on whether you like or dislike it—your choices are 'That's Rather Lovely!,' 'So close,' 'I feel strangely ambivalent about it,' or 'That's Rather Hideous!'

After careful consideration, we think we rather like this house. We think. Sure, the exterior stonework is not for everyone. But the view kind of makes up for it, no? The listing boasts "the stunning woodwork, throughout this home, was hand crafted by a local craftsman for the Norwegian owners." This two-bedroom, one bath 1953 house also features floor to ceiling picture windows, a backyard with a "terraced botanical wonderment with a redwood walk way" (no idea what a "terraced botanical wonderment" is), and a ground level room with a separate bath, shower, and entrance that can be rented out. There's also a workshop built onto the side of the house "with cover from weather." It looks like the house may have been in the original owner's hands until now - this is a trustee sale, and there are no previous sales prices listed in public records. Today's asking price: $1.250 million. Listing is here.