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West Hollywood Walgreens Project Shrinks

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[It'll likely be smaller than this. Rendering via Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects]
That controversial West Hollywood project at Crescent Heights and Santa Monica Boulevard, a 28-unit, five story mixed-used development (with a Walgreens) has shrunk. This project has some locals freaking out about traffic, but it doesn't seem like the downsizing is good news to opponents. Via the Walgreens=Overdevelopment blog: "Perhaps you may have heard recently some rumors that the development was going to be considerably scaled back to fit within the existing footprint of the buildings on the site. We were excited about the possibility – and thought it might be turning into a project the neighborhood could get behind. Unfortunately, those rumors were false. On May 6 the developer did submit a revised plan for the project. It is in fact smaller, but not by a lot. They made the Walgreens store 4% smaller. More substantive is a reduction in the number of apartments from 28 to 20."

Checking in with the West Hollywood Planning Department, we can report that yes, there was shrinkage in both retail and residential portion, but there was also this: 1,969 square feet of retail space was added to the north east corner of the project (in a separate tenant space). Meanwhile, the developer, Walgreens and Pacific Partners LLC, agreed earlier this year to do a city-mandated environmental report.
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