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Sorianos and Schindler Apply For Historic Status

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[Wilson House by flickr user Michael Locke]

There are several interesting mid-century homes on the docket for this Thursday's Cultural Heritage Commission meeting. All are applying for Historic-Cultural Monument status and all these residences are in Silver Lake and Echo Park. The application for Rudolph Schindler's 1938 Wilson House, which sold in December 2005 for $1.9 million, includes some notable history--and several prominent architects are former owners or residents. After the Wilsons sold the house, Ken Reiner (who originally commissioned Lautner's Silvertop) owned the home, Donald Hensmen (of architects Buff & Hensmen) lived there, and Bernard Zimmerman, FAIA and early proponent of SCI-Arc, was there from 1972-77.

Also up for monument status are two homes designed by Raphael Soriano - the 1936 Lipetz House in Silver Lake and the 1938 Ross House in Echo Park. The Lipetz House, after lingering on the market for a year, finally sold in January 2007 for close to $1 million. After renovations that include removing some design elements that were considered inconsistent with the original design (such as Carrara glass in the bedrooms), and installing new cork floors and steel casement windows, the owners are hoping it passes muster with the Commission.

And Cafe Stella owner Gareth Kantner, who bought the Ross House in October 2007 for $945,000 (significantly more than the $859,000 asking price), has also applied for HCM status. The Ross family sold the house to film production design Albert Nozaki, a friend of Soriano's, who maintained the house and made no architectural changes at all. Kantner, you may recall, was supposed to work his Sunset Junction gentrification magic in Echo Park, with a restaurant in the Jensen rec center. That deal is apparently dead.
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