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Confusing Parking Signage on West 3rd Street

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[Photos courtesy of Blackburn & Sweetzer]

Tasha at Blackburn & Sweetzer alerts us to this rather confounding problem on West 3rd Street. While the street signs tell drivers “2 Hour Parking 8am to 6pm Except Sunday”, the meters tell a conflicting story. The meters now say drivers must pay the meters Mon to Sat from 8am to 8pm and on Sunday from 11am to 8pm. Which is correct? Will tickets be enforceable? Does anyone even look at the print on meters? We're just waiting for the first disgruntled driver who receives a ticket to write in with their complaint. UPDATE: has also been following the issue. Not such a pressing matter for the city to fix...
· City—Watch Out for Parking Meters on West 3rd Street! Conflicting Signage! [B&S]