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CurbedWire: What Is Taking So Long, BMW on Wilshire?

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[Photo taken in February; there's been some (but not much) progress since]
WILSHIRE BLVD: Those two bald construction spots on Wilshire Blvd belong to car dealership BMW, which destroyed both Bob's Big Boy near Wilshire and Highland and the Art Deco Ehlers Cadillac showroom at 5151 Wilshire Boulevard (site seen above) to build both a service center and showroom. The showroom was supposed to open in fall 2009, but things aren't exactly progressing to schedule. We stopped by around March and were told by construction workers that the ground was too wet to build. Now, the word on the street is that Sonic Automotive (the BMW dealership*) says there were environmental issues at both sites that needed to be addressed and they've just been waiting for the city to sign off on the paperwork. Who knows the exact details of the stallage, but a crane was spotted on the north side of Wilshire today, so perhaps work has started up again in full force. [Curbed Staff]