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Brad Pitt Adds LA Architects for New Orleans Building Project

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Via Arkitectum, we learn the eight firms chosen by architecture enthusiast, humanitarian, baby daddy and longtime Friend of Frank, Brad Pitt for his Make It Right initiative are "racing to finish schematic designs." The firms, handpicked by Pitt in mid-March to help design the 150 homes that will be rebuilt in New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward, are scheduled to present their proposals on June 20th. The architecture firms include two LA-based firms: Gehry Partners (natch) and Kappe Architects/Planners. Other firms include William McDonough + Partners, Atelier Hitoshi Abe, Chile-based Elemental, and three New Orleans firms—Bild Design, buildingstudio, and Waggoner & Ball Architects. These eight firms are in addition to the original 13 architects commissioned in 2007 for the program, but call for a different building type - duplexes rather than the single-family homes in the first round of designs. The change to duplexes is in response to requests from community members, who believe duplexes will "generate supplementary income [to] help residents secure affordable financing." Each house should cost $200,000 to construct. Thus far, eight homes are finished, 13 are currently under construction and Make It Right has raised enough capital to fund 91 homes to date. [ Photo via ]
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