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Whole Foods Tip of the Iceberg: Whole Development Delayed

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While Whole Foods announced earlier this week that there was a delay in its Hollywood opening, the bigger story is that, yes, developer Camden Property's whole Selma and Vine project, a $240-million project with 306 apartments (and a 61,000-sq.ft. Whole Foods Market) is on hold. In terms of a ground-breaking, "there is no clear date," Bob Bussone, vice-president at Camden Property Trust, tells us. "But we still own the land and continue to pursue development plans." He said the delay is the result of numerous factors, including the process of getting permits and financing. It's a three year build-out once it gets started. On the upside, Camden has a signed lease with Whole Foods for the space, so if, and when the thing gets built, your pricey argula will be waiting for you to pick up. Maybe we'll all be driving hovercrafts by then.
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