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CurbedWire: Yet Another Downtown Rental Project, Abramson Teiger Architects

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[Via Blogdowntown]
DOWNTOWN: This one flew under our radar, but Blogdowntown checks out the conversion of 901 South Broadway (the former Backstone department store). Forthcoming: More rentals for downtown. The project, which'll be done in six months, will offer 82 rental units. [Blogdowntown]

: Trevor Abramson and Douglas Teiger of Culver City-based firm Abramson Teiger Architects emailed everyone to let people know that their work is featured in a new book. "We are very proud to have two of our houses in the “Ultimate Backyard, Inspired ideas for outdoor living” book. Michelle Kodis explores projects that reflect backyards that have evolved into “design savvy extensions of the homes they accompany’." Abramson Teiger Architects does some rather drool-worthy work; Trevor's house is even on the cover of the book. [Curbed InBox]