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ConstructionWatch: Superior At Venice Shows A Little Color

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Some new paneling has gone up on Kanner Architects' Superior at Venice Apartments, that under-construction development that'll add some life to the corner of Superior Ave. and Venice Blvd. The wood-like panel is called Trespa, architect Stephen Kanner informs us, adding that panels of corrugated silver aluminum and integrally colored stucco will also be added to the 38-unit, three-story apartment building. "[The building] should be finished by the end of June or July," says Kanner. Some more details about the project: There'll be a hanging mural in one of the common areas, while an interesting-sounding screen made out of corrugated plastic will help shield the rooftop equipment (ie cover the ugly air conditioning and such). Kanner also told us he is excited about the landscaping and treescaping that'll eventually go up around the project--and any sort of landscaping seems vital given how big and barren this corner of Venice can feel. We'll keep an eye out for the plant life.
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