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Hermosa Beach Upholds Dog Howling Ruling

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"This website was created to address neighborhood concerns about the Howling and Barking coming from the 4 dogs at 1042 2nd St." So reads the web site for Hermosa Dog Problem, which was set up by a Hermosa Beach resident to chronicle the dog noises at 1042 2nd St. Hermosa Beach, a property owned by Corey Glave, a local attorney. The web site and Glave's case is mentioned in today's Daily Breeze, with the paper reporting that an administrative officer has upheld a ruling that Glave must pay two $100 citations for having four dogs that barked excessively. Under city law, Hermosa Beach resident can't have more than two household pets. "Section 6.04.040: Household pets. (Dogs, cats, canaries, parrots and other similar animals and birds usually and ordinarily kept as household pets.) It is unlawful for any person to keep or maintain more than two household pets at any residential dwelling without making application for and receiving a permit to do so."). Here's Bruce Bartlett, who set up the web site, talking to the Breeze about the ruling. "Bartlett was more bothered by the noise than the number of dogs, he said. 'If there were four dogs and they were quiet, we'd be fine with that,' Bartlett said. 'If dogs have to be removed, I think it's unfortunate. At the same time, if he'd done something about the noise issue, it never would have come to this.'"

· Hermosa wins bid to hush local attorney's dogs [Daily Breeze]