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That's Rather Hideous: Chatsworth Tri-Level Bunker

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While we don't approve of architecture that resembles nothing less than a fortified bunker, we sort of understand it if a house is located across from crime-plagued Jordan Downs. But there is no excuse for this beige, windowless, semi-turreted nightmare in Chatsworth. Who are they trying to keep out? The horses? The porn stars? The ghost of Ayn Rand, (who lived in Chatsworth for awhile)? According to the listing, this four-bedroom, three bath tri-level home "was built with quality craftmeanship by the original owner." It also includes "additional roof access with breathtaking panaramic views...outdoor patio, cosy [sic] family room with fireplace, and living room with fireplace." Of course, none of this is shown in the photos. Last sold in September 2004 for $433,000, today's asking price is $469,000 or $266 per square foot.
· 21616 E Wo He Lo Trl Chatsworth, CA 91311 [Redfin]