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On the Racked: Solair's Retail, H & M Frenzy, Meet Santa Monica's New Bloomingdale's

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And the latest news from our storefront and street-obsessed sister Racked LA....

KOREATOWN: Maybe you can't afford the $1.5 million condo at new Koreatown project Solair, but perhaps you can afford the $15 lip balm at Aveda, one of the many new tenants coming to the Wilshire and Western development. Sister Racked LA points out these shops are pretty service-oriented, but we will point out they will fulfill many needs. Check out the full list of stores here. And yes, there's a Verizon store; thankfully, the corner has been spared a Subway.

LOS ANGELES: "The security alarm has been going off nonstop since the doors opened. This is not promoting a relaxing shopping experience." An excerpt from Racked LA's live-blogging of the launch of Matthew Williamson's H&M line. Live report from the mosh pit that is the H & M at Beverly Center.

SANTA MONICA: Racked LA gets its hands on a rendering for the new Bloomingdale's, which will take over the Macy's space at the corner of Fourth and Colorado. One reader, however, doesn't think the proposed design is as dramatic as it could be. "Have you seen these photos yet of Bloomingdales, Santa Monica?" he writes. "I'm not sure what to think about them. It seems so—how do I state this lightly?—'middle class.'" Good lord.
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