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CurbedWire: Venice Skateboard Park Construction, Drill, Baby, Drill in Hancock Park

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Via flickr user Name on Rice
VENICE: Venice hippies, meet the skate board punks.Here's the latest construction shots of that 16,000-square-foot skate park--located near Windward Avenue and Ocean Front Walk--in Venice. As the Argonaut reminds us, Santa Monica and Venice are widely believed to be the places where modern skateboarding originated. [Flickr]

HANCOCK PARK: A reader is all fired up, passing on some vital news: "Here in Hancock Park, the MTA left these flyers (attached PDF) this morning to let us know about exploratory drilling for the EIR for a possible Westside Subway Extension. Super excited that *something* is happening. My toddler will be in high school before it even matters but, hey, it's something." Download the flyer here. [Curbed InBox]