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New To Market: Hollywood Hills Mediterranean With "Speakeasy"

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One thing you'll always find in LA: Delightful delusions of grandeur. The waitress who is already an Oscar winner (in her own mind). The lawyer who knows he has a hit screenplay. The aging doyenne who is still big; it's the pictures that got small. This three-bedroom, two-bath house in Hollywood seems to be suffering from the same affliction. The listing tells us the house includes an "incredibly reinvented musician's "speakeasy" with almost 1,000 square feet of rehearsal & nightclub space with custom lighting along with wine storage, tasting area & wet bar." What we see: A splinter-inducing, electric wire-tangled, dark hovel. And is it even legal? The 1923 house also features hardwood floors, a barreled living room with fireplace, new HVAC and upgraded electrical systems, and a garage with a gated three car driveway. There's also a patio and "spa." Last sold in June 2004 for $824,000, and today's asking price is $1.175 million or $767 per square foot.
· 2136 Rockledge Rd Los Angeles, CA 90068 [Redfin]
· 2136 Rockledge Rd Los Angeles, CA 90068 [Official Site]