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NYTimes On the Decline of Suburbia

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First the NY Times looked at efforts in Vauban, Germany to go “car free,” and now the Room for Debate blog asks planners, theorists and developers to weigh in on the topic. Witold Rybczynski, J.H. Crawford, author of “Carfree Cities," and D.J. Waldie, author of "Holy Land: A Suburban Memoir," and others ponder a carless future for America's cities. Is it possible? Most agree the best we can hope for is a compromise. Rybczynski explains: "A more realistic goal for most Americans would be a semi-carless community, that is, one that is walkable within the neighborhood for convenience shopping, school-going and errands, and drivable for weekly shopping, consumer purchases and so on. A combination of twins, townhouses and low-rise apartments. Think of it as a halfway house." [NY Times] []