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Koreatown's Solair Opens It Doors, Looks to Unload

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Given that there are only a handful of new condo towers finishing up construction, and lord knows when anyone will build again, let's bust out the high-quality photos for Solair, Koreatown's 22-aqua green development at Wilshire and Western. Pictured above is unit 1812, a 1,695-square foot residence that's asking $1.54 million. Overall, prices range from $800,000 to $2.8 million; square footage of the units ranges from 1,340-3,000 (not including terraces). Some quick thoughts on the 186-unit building: The views are pretty stupendous, the finishes are fine, and the location is ideal for those who rely on public transit. On the downside, the lobby and hallways are a tad too dark. Brighten up, Solair! The developer is Koar Wilshire, a joint venture between local developer Koar and architecture firm Archeon International Group. We've heard that lots of wealthy Koreans are helping sales at downtown's Evo--will they also head to Solair? Meanwhile, the pool; another unit, 1612 (a 1,695 square foot unit asking $1.48 million); the unfinished penthouse and its insanely large balcony; and the previously criticized-hallways and doorways can be seen in this Flickr set. Oh, and HOAs, you ask? They are expected to be $875- $1,000.
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