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High-Speed Rail from LA to NY--With Disco and Hijinks!

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Back in the golden age of television (1979), NBC premiered Supertrain, a wonderfully horrid drama/comedy that imagined a nuclear-powered train (complete with swimming pool, shopping center, movie theater, and disco) that traveled from New York to LA in 36 hours (woo!). Like The Love Boat, the flop of a show featured numerous guest stars like Vicki Lawrence (her name is spelled incorrectly in the credits). According to The Infrastructurist, Supertrain's exorbitant price tag and production problems (including a model train crash) almost bankrupted NBC, and was canceled after nine episodes. Train nerds continue to embrace the show on its 30th anniversary, demanding a DVD release and insisting the planned high-speed train from LA to San Francisco be equipped with a swingers' lounge.
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