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CurbedWire: Maisonette on Sweetzer Check, Downtown Neighborhood Council Rally

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: Last September, Aleks Istanbullu Architects' Maisonettes at Sweetzer, a 10-townhome project at Sweetzer and Norton, was just a heap of wood. And eight months later...color. Lots. [Curbed Staff]

DOWNTOWN: It's not clear who exactly is organizing this, but a press release was just released noting that Neighborhood Council Presidents and Chairs will rally on the steps of City Hall at 9 am this Friday to protest the proposed budget cuts. Via the release: "Now more than ever, is the time to call on our leadership to reject the false dichotomies of the Budget Surveys gone by, to consider that the real solution to our current crisis may be a combination of many solutions and that this is not the time to destroy the Neighborhood Council system." [Curbed InBox]