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CurbedWire: Giant Trees in Culver City, Lancaster Dangles Bonuses

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CULVER CITY: We watched as construction on this project took place, but never saw the finished result until now. This is the Chris Ward-designed Park Century School on Landmark Street in Century City. The school was previously housed on Stoner Avenue in West LA, according to the Front Page Online. Liking the green. Last two images via Chris Ward Architects [Curbed Staff]

LANCASTER: And now let's head to foreclosure plagued-Lancaster to learn about how the city is using their stimulus money to launch a Broker Bonus Program. Via the press release: "The program will allow Southland commercial and industrial brokers to receive additional commissions on the sale or lease of vacant properties within the City. The Broker Bonus Program will begin June 1, 2009 and run through the end of the calendar year. The City has earmarked $100,000 to pay additional incentive commissions for brokers who successfully place buyers or tenants in vacant industrial, office and retail building space. Under terms of the program, the City will pay an additional 2% bonus for a new lease, and an extra 1% for a sale." Hustle, brokers. [Curbed InBox]