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New To Market: "Unsung, Beloved" Architect Robert Byrd in Studio City

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A reader passes along the listing for this 1953 three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath home in Studio City that was "designed by Robert Bryd, the architect of the 30s thru the 60s who combined Hansel and Gretel with the ranch style house, unsung in publications but much beloved." Byrd was also beloved by Sharon Tate (he designed the famous house in Benedict Canyon she was murdered in) and Frank Zappa, who owned his 'Rock and Roll Tree House' in Laurel Canyon. The house features wood throughout, including ceilings, moldings, doors and trim. There's a circular dining room, separated from the living room by the original fireplace and the floors are flagstone. The house was recently listed at $1.395 million (and the official web site still lists that asking price) but according to Redfin dropped last week to $1.295 million or $684 per square foot. The official site also offers the house for lease at $6,900/month.
· 11723 Canton Pl Studio City, CA 91604 [Redfin]
· 11723 Canton Pl Studio City, CA 91604 [Official Site]