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Manhattan Beach Can't Take Higher Parking Meter Fees

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After area businesses complained that sales were being affected by the increased parking meter fees, the city council has agreed to temporarily roll back the meter rates, reports the Beach Reporter. In the last year and half, rates have been raised from 75 cents to $1 to $1.25 an hour, and that apparently is just too much for residents to shell out (but not nearly as expensive as other neighborhoods like downtown Los Angeles). So the city council passed a motion to lower the rate back to 75 cents an hour for six months. More on why people are upset: "Downtown business owner Nancy McFarland said that since the January on-street meter increase, customers have been walking in her store angry and she is concerned that shoppers are going other places where there aren't meter concerns and other parking frustrations." City officials also contend that the recession and competition from Plaza El Segundo (where there is free parking) are also driving down area business. Meanwhile, Jeff Byron, general manager of the Kettle restaurant, knowingly or unknowingly cites Player's 1977 hit in his plea to patrons. He tells the paper: "Baby, come back. Let's get the word out, we want you back."
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