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Leimert Park Renaissance On Its Way?

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Inaugural concerts in June will kick-off the opening of "The Gallery" as the first permanent home of the Mid-City Music Center, a group that promotes classical music in LA. Located within Leimert Park's Lucy Florence Cultural Complex, "The Gallery" will be at the center of a burgeoning arts/cultural center in South LA, according to Lucy Florence boosters. In announcing "The Gallery" concerts, the Mid-City Music Center folks highlighted city-committed changes coming to LP, including diversifying local businesses, diversifying patronage, increasing foot-traffic, selling Leimert Park as a tourist destination, making the area more multi-use orientated and multi-cultural, bringing in investments, establishing artist-housing, and establishing an educational entity, an art library, and a museum, similar to Harlem's Schomberg Research Center. The Community Redevelopment Plan does indeed have a master plan worked out for LP, but there's anxiety over gentrification dulling the historic nature of the neighborhood. Hence the formation of the Save Leimert Neighborhood Coalition, which is seeking a historic overlay zone for the area. [Leimert Park photo by City Project/Flickr]
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