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Checking Out the Penthouse At Clive Wilkinson's 10 Palms

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If you've been wondering what the inside of 10 Palms, Clive Wilkinson-designed condo project off Franklin (near Highland) looks like, here's a quick tour and some DIY photos of the penthouse. While Wilkinson is well-known for his work at Google's headquarters in Mountain Views and has designed restaurants (Beverly Hills' now shuttered Paperfish) 10 Palms is his first condominium project. Not all of the units are finished, but that hasn't stopped the development from holding open houses. Pictured in the gallery is the 2,100 square foot penthouse that's asking $1.35 million. That was one nifty, but our favorite was unit 6, a long and angular condo that feels a bit more private than the other units. The cheapest unit is $599,000. Meanwhile, just think of how much easier it'll be to get to the Hollywood Bowl. UPDATE: For those who wonder about such things, HOAs range from $379-$417.
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