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LA Wins Again

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1. articles are always sort of dubious because the whole point of their articles is to get users to click through all galleries (page views=ka-ching). 2. Using a criteria that includes cost of living and housing affordability, among others, lists Los Angeles as the most overpriced city in terms of real estate in the country. 3. The article has lumped the city of Riverside in with Los Angeles: "Los Angeles' troubles can be tied to many of the systemic problems currently plaguing the nation. With a whopping unemployment rate of 10.3%, the City of Angels and nearby Riverside, Calif., are among five of the country's 50 largest metro areas with double-digit unemployment. Both have suffered as a result of the housing bust. Though neither ranks among America's emptiest cities, L.A. and Riverside have seen new residential building permit rates plummet 82% and 80%, respectively, over the last two years. The national unemployment rate for construction workers is now 21.1%, up from 12% a year ago, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics." [Forbes]