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They'll Take Anyone

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One upside of the collapse of the economy is that it's now a helluva lot easier to join those snotty country clubs that previously wouldn't have you. Not only are clubs slashing prices (the initiation fee at Morgan Creek Golf & Country Club in Sacramento has dropped from $40,000 to between $500 and $2,000), but they'll take anyone with a pulse, reports Golf World. "Golf already was fighting waning participation, of course, and then the broader economy plunged, sending clubs into new frontiers of damage control. That means quickly green-lighting applications, in many cases, rather than sending prospective members through a maze of drawn-out scrutiny. 'If you have a check and it doesn't bounce, you can join most country clubs,' said Steve Richardson, general manager of Paradise Valley CC in Arizona. Or as the GM of one California club said, 'If the guy's not a criminal, he'll get approved.' [Golf World]