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NFL Stadium's Latest: Meeting Planned, And Here's the Opposition

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Even after Walnut filed a lawsuit last month to stop developer Majestic's $800 million football stadium planned for the city of Industry, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune is reporting that Industry officials are hopeful about a mandatory May 22nd meeting between officials of the two neighboring cities. According to the paper, Walnut will come up with a "dollar figure for impacts by the potential project," a sign that it may negotiate a settlement. Still, Walnut officials tell the paper at this point they are demanding a new environmental impact review, so it's not clear if that settlement is close. Meanwhile, check out the web site started by Citizens Against Stadium, described as a grassroots citizens' group formed to oppose the NFL stadium. Via their web site, here are some of their worries: 1. Monster Truck Rallies, "Events would include Rock Concerts, Soccer Games, Motocross, Monster Truck Rallies, Festivals and Swap Meets."; 2. On-site Jail: "They want a jail on the site capable of holding 30 prisoners!" 3. Terrorism, "The intersection of 57 and 60 freeway are defined already as a possible terrorist target. A stadium filled with 75,000 people makes it a more "desirable" target." But points for graphics, No on NFL group. Look how stressed that guy on their web site looks. Would you want that guy coming home to you every night?
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